The SOUP project: current state and future activities

Dimitris Kosmopoulos, C. Constantinopoulos, D. Papadimitriou, t. Manios, J. Fasoulas, M. Sfakiotakis, C. Stantoumis, I. Kalisperakis, A. Tsalavoutas, L. Drikos


Greenhouse cultivation represents one of the most significant production sectors of Greece, however it remains a labour-intensive activity and requires large amounts of pesticides. The SOUP project (SOilless culture UPgrade) aims to automate the monitoring of plant growth through sensor networks, and to introduce robotic technology for the labour-intensive tasks such as pest management and harvesting. The project investigates the cultivation of tomatoes, which is of high financial importance for Greece due to its size.


greenhouse ; tomatos ; visual disease detection ; visual servoing

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